Friday, July 10, 2020

up & at 'em!

Nothing screams, "I'm a totally stable, functioning human being" like a woman who restarts a blog she abandoned over two years ago (and the year before that... and many, many other times). To be fair, there are a dozen things about me that should be giving you very clear signs that I am anything BUT stable & functioning. Either way, I'm alive! I'm here, and I'm so glad you are, too.FO

I have been having MAJOR anxiety over getting this back up and running. Mainly because my body is approximately made out of 49% anxiety cells (anxiety cells are totally a real thing, it's basic science), but also because ... well actually just that. I'm anxious by nature and this whole vibe 2020 has been throwing out has been a real doozy. Like... Hi, 2020. Read the room. NONE OF US ARE OKAY. WHO INVITED YOU ANYWAY? 

This particular post is a jumbled mess because I want to get something out there to break the ice. The first post is always the absolute worst, and I'm not sorry about it. 

If you are new here, poke around like a male virgin goin' at it for the first time! All the previous posts are accessible for your enjoyment (or displeasure, i guess?).  I'm inappropriate, jumbled, and occasionally have a story or two to tell. My tone varies from lighthearted and snarky to raw & vulnerable. This time around, my intent to write is solely for myself (spoiler alert: I think I say that every time). Enjoy, or don't. 

I'm also terrible at ending posts. 



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