Tuesday, August 25, 2015


**This post was written on 7/20... and i never published it. SUE ME.

you know that scene in the office where toby comes back? (see here.)

that (minus the expletives) was my son about 3 minutes ago when I asked if he was ready to get out of the tub.


I decided I want to make a little bit more of an effort documenting the daily happenings in the crazy life of my toddler. He has developed the most adorable and hilarious personality that I feel it's a sin not to share him with the world.

That being said, I'm terrible at keeping my word on this blog. (I have a list of promises about a mile long that I haven't come through on. OOPS.) So I will try to keep everyone in-the-know, but honestly I'll probably write one post and abandon this thing until he hits puberty and I'm having the dilemma of not laughing at my son's changing voice.


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