Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hi.... remember me?

It's been a while, friends.

I recently became a full time stay at home mom (YAY), and am loving every minute I get to spend with my boy. (that's a lie. he is so so so mean. but i still love him so much. really though, he is satan.)

I probably love about 70% of the minutes I spend with my little one. Unless we are at any store ever. Then I love NOTHING. EVER.

We'll talk about it another time.

Really this is just a friendly reminder that I'm still alive, but am taking a good break for the holidays, and for my mental health. Remember the whole post about being real? Well, life got pretty real the past several weeks. But I'm alive! And one day I will be blogging again. It just might not be until the new year. We shall see.

but guys.


I am so, so happy.
Time to send my son to boot camp so he can learn that its not okay to throw cans of soup at people in the store. (YES. he did that. and hurt someone. PUNK.)

but. he is pretty dang cute.


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