Tuesday, September 16, 2014

life and such, in photos

i apologize for my absence. here's what we've been up to the past few months:

J is a walking running maniac.
He has been walking for about 2 months,
and has a permanent bruise somewhere on his face.

Husband started school back up. That's fun.

We moved (old news) into a condo that has a pool.
I didn't take advantage of it as much as I wish I would have,
but we still got a few trips in.
J LOVES water.

We took J to his first parade. 
He was indifferent about the whole event.

J got his first hair cut.
(I don't have an after picture for whatever reason.)

My old high school soccer team reunited for an alumni game.
Wow, I'm out of shape.

Really we just spent a lot of time with family and loved every minute.

teaching my son to drink pool water and urine.

gosh, I love this man.

some cute kids in the parade.
J showing some interest in the parade. 
an ever-so-flattering photo of yours truly 
I make him laugh.
he has discovered tissues. and toilet paper.
the Cox great-grandchildren. it was just so easy to get everyone too look at the camera and smile.
pre haircut. look at those wispy side hairs. 
my little cheeser
because of course my child would walk around like this, eating a door stopper spring.
I have never felt like such a weakling. Leg muscle = GONE
we introduced J to a rooster.
They didn't really get along.
he didn't mind the cows

bovine-centipede, anyone? anyone?

the fact that this sheep is just so nonchalant about his brother's carcasses being less than two feet away from him worries me.
social darwinism, baaaaaaaah.

clearly enjoying themselves
this is my niece. this is what happened when i told her to smile and she said, "cheeeeeeeeese"
matchy, matchy.
also, the longest baby tongue i have EVER seen.


this one is gonna be trouble.