Thursday, August 14, 2014


but I'm a creep... I'm a weirdoooooo.

Apparently it's not uncommon for me to find pictures of strangers on my computer. I don't know any of these people, yet I have a picture of them...which I took. 


again with stalking the couples.

what was I taking a picture of? you tell me.


this may or may not have been taken from the window of a dorm on the third floor...
and yes, I have more pictures. and possibly a video. (CREEP)

the ever-so-useful "pretend you're taking a picture of me" STUNT.
the guy in the green looked like Channing Tatum. Or so we thought.

(these people were grinding at a country concert.) 

one of about 41093 photos I have of brides I saw on the same day NOT at temple square.

you can't tell here, but her cheeks were hanging out. I feel justified taking this one.

caught red-handed. by the first attractive male we saw in Russia, AND by his creepy friend.
Apparently our "take a picture of me" stunt didn't fool them.

apparently that stunt never works.
he caught me too, and he's like... 12.

child slave labor.
she didn't stand a chance against those leaves.
my personal favorite.
young girl - a solid 5 years of age. not wearing a diaper. Or shirt.
She had a pet bunny (not pictured) on a leash.
Turns out bunnies aren't the best walking companion.


  1. Oh you could go crazy with these pics in Russia! Minus the attractive man ones... Glad you found the one though!! Hah