Thursday, June 5, 2014

life and such, in words.

Sorry, friends. It seems I never have time to dedicate to this little blog of mine anymore. But for those of you who care, here is an update on the latest happenings in the Cox family, some of which are the reason I haven't seen my computer in ages. [stay tuned for the 'life and such, in photos' post.]

regarding our boy:

-- Baby J became a yoga instructor. For weeks, instead of trying to crawl, he would put himself in a downward-facing dog position, and lift one leg... And just stay there. Like a ballerina. Doing yoga.

-- Inch-worming is the new crawling. Plus, it [probably] burns more calories.

-- I don't know that I have ever mentioned this before, but J is a scratcher. Not the kind who scratches to cause damage or pain... he scratches things to discover what they are. As a newborn, he would scratch my arm while eating, and scratch his sheets while sleeping. His newest scratching obsession is the sidewalk. The second he is set down, those little fingers get goin'. One of these days he is going to be down to five little nubs on each hand.

-- He enjoys spitting [especially on people], jumping [as always], playing in liquid [whether it be water, urine, or vomit], and saying "Dada".

-- We took him swimming for the first time yesterday. I'm pretty sure husband & I had more fun than J did. Really because we just tossed him around like a beach ball. [bad parenting]

-- We are on the market for a part-time babysitter to watch J as I work from home. If you or anyone you know is interested, email me at allielcox[at]gmail[dot]com.

regarding our humble abode:

-- We bought a condo!!! YAY. "Why a condo?" you ask. Well, both husband & I work, he goes to school and I have a child to take care of/clean home to maintain. That being said, as much as we would love to have our own yard, there is no way we could keep up with it. One day we will have a house, but for now, our little condo is purr-fect. << purrr-fect? I don't even have a cat, or like cats.

-- We bought a new, lovely couch. I sort of broke it the third day we had it. It's still very functional and lovely, just a heads-up to all your new couch buyers, don't jump on it. [rookie mistake, I guess I'm not five anymore.] 

-- I am refinishing our dining table. We currently eat off of a card table with folding chairs. We only have two chairs... and are having company for dinner tonight. Perhaps we will hide the table and eat like asians.

-- I am refinishing our dining table. I just thought I'd reiterate the fact that I'm doing something crafty, and it will probably look like I built it out of horse bones and cat hair. I've never refinished anything in my life. But hey, it'll be refinished with love.

-- photos of the new couch, refinished table and cute cute condo will be posted once we are all settled in and have pictures and stuff on the walls. Yay home!

not regarding our son or new home: 

-- I have been experimenting with tons of recipes lately. I keep the pinterest successes on this board.

-- The 1D music video that I promised for May didn't happen. I am rounding up the troops this month. Make a wish and maybe it'll debut on Christmas.

-- I started being healthy and working out while I watch TV. Really all that means is I do a few squats and lunges and occasionally a push-up or two. I am still sore from my work out 2 days ago. Sore enough that I may or may not walk like I just pooped my pants.

-- Our twin nieces were born last month!! Now J has two new partners in crime, and I am off the hook to give him siblings for a couple more years. Also, that makes two sets of twin cousins. That's weird.

-- I just bought sunglasses at Walmart for $3.00, and they have been the best purchase of the season.

-- Speaking of the season, 'tis the season for lemonade stands. Support local business owners & child slave labor!! wait, what?


  1. Hey! I just saw your comment on my blog so naturally the past thirty minutes or so have been spent sort of stalking yours. I've been laughing out loud at lots of parts and my husband keeps looking up and asking me what's so funny.. But I had to comment on this post because we also eat at a card table with only two folding chairs and we're having guests over for dinner tomorrow! I hadn't thought of the Asian idea yet though, so thank you for the tip :) I hope the refinishing was/will be a success!