Wednesday, April 9, 2014

my husband married a natural disaster

The first few weeks of marriage (or moving in together) is probably the cleanest few weeks your home will ever see. At least, for us it was. I have a bit of a theory why.

Everything is new. Your living situation has changed, and the best thing you can relate this "new life" to is playing house as a young child. It was fun to imaginary sweep the floor, and make your dolly's bed. Suddenly you're living a not-so imaginary life, and your dolly has turned into a significant other... who is very much alive. The game becomes much more exciting. It's like playing house on steroids.

Moving in with someone you haven't lived with for several years is an exciting step in life. I mean sure, you may have had room-mates. And that was exciting too... But how often were you wanting to make them breakfast in bed and give them a kiss good-bye as they went to work or class? I mean, if that's the way you roll.. good for your roommates.

For me, it was just living with five more sisters. We didn't kiss, and we definitely didn't make each other breakfast in bed. (Although one morning I did put frozen egg rolls under one of my roommate's pillow. I forgot about them until after midnight. Sorry, B.)

I digress. Playing house is fun, but once reality sets in again you kind of forget that you wanted to sweep and do laundry, so you go back to your old habits. Queue messy apartment. 

Unfortunately for my husband, I only played house for about a month. Tops. Suddenly he was coming home to the lovechild of an earthquake and a tornado.

My husband is quite a tidy person. He does not like mess. I don't like mess either, but I also don't love cleaning (my life is so hard).

We are moving in two months. I have high hopes that a new home (brand new, people!) will inspire me to play house again. Except this time I'd like it to last for the rest of my life.


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