Friday, April 4, 2014

i have a crush on EVERY BOY!!

Remember those days? ...or am I the only one who had a new crush added to the list every six hours?

Crushes are funny things.

The other day, my brother-in-law made a statement suggesting that crushes last a lifetime.
Wait... what?

I beg to differ. I mean, a crush CAN last that long if you're into that sort of thing... but to me that defeats the whole purpose of a crush. Let me tell you how I see it (because I know you're dying to know).

A crush is a non-committal way of saying, "Hey, I kind of like you." It could also mean, "Hey, you are really cool and I really like you." However, there is still the whole non-committal particularity of it. That is the beauty of a crush. It can last anywhere from five minutes to five millenniums.

Back in my single days, I frequently compared the length of time I kept a crush to the time I kept a tampon in. What can I say? Either I changed crushes frequently, or have a severe case of toxic shock syndrome. I'll let you decide which is the case.

One day, a boy in the form of my best friend came along and put an end to my ever-changing list of crushes. The good news is, I continued to change my tampons on a frequent and healthy basis. (though eventually he did put an end to my tampon days as well. you know... from being pregnant and stuff.)

Having settled on one man, my mind decided to go searching for other interests to bounce around and change up every so often. That being said, let me cut to the chase and just list my "crushes" as of late.
Let me start out by saying that the only human on this list has been approved by my husband.

Jimmy Fallon // oh, how I love him. The amount of love my husband & I have for The Tonight Show is unhealthy. 

Sonia Kashuk Nail Colour - Nudist // exclusively at Target. 

Nesting tables // I just bought some to refinish for when we move and I am way more excited about it than my husband thinks is permissible. I asked him over 20 times if he liked them before we had even owned them for a day. I take any opportunity to show him how useful they are.

Red Rock Brewery // I feel very much like this is one of Utah's hidden gems... that just happens to be easily found at Fashion Place Mall. My husband and I have been there several times, and I have NEVER been disappointed, or tried something I disliked (apart from their root-beer & cream soda, but that is beside the point). I feel pretty confident in promoting their food and service. Try it out.

BBC Shows // judge me again. I dare you.

I'd list more, but really I just want to rest for a minute.

My apologies for being so bad at blogging. My laptop is MIA, my health is sub-par, and my brain functionality is nearly non-existent. You can probably expect more posts come summer time when we move, my health improves, and I discover where my laptop ran off to.


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