Tuesday, April 22, 2014

how was YOUR morning?

To give you an idea of how well my morning went, let me tell you something.

I ate McDonald's for breakfast.

Which is really the equivalent of giving up on life, first thing in the morning. Sometimes it is necessary to have a morning that you will regret for the rest of your life. (I had McDonald's breakfast by choice. I work from home...and instead of making myself a bowl of cereal, I drove all the way out to McDonald's. If this doesn't scream, "I give up", then I don't know what does.)

Let me give you a scenario where I felt pretty justified throwing in the towel before I even took a shower.

Around 8:30PM last night, my body and mind gave up, and I somehow ended up in bed fully dressed. I hadn't even brushed my teeth. I stayed there until my husband realized I was still wearing jeans, and told me I needed to at least take those off. I didn't.

I was fully awake, but was a bit unaware of what was going on around me. Apparently the months of sleep deprivation are catching up to me. My eyes stayed open until about 1:30AM. I don't remember what time I fell asleep.

Two hours later, I awoke to the sound of my crying baby.

When you live somewhere long enough, you know the layout of your surroundings so well you could easily navigate around in your sleep. Apparently living in our humble abode for the past 1.5 years hasn't been long enough for me to internally map out my surroundings. With my eyes open and a lamp to light my way, I found myself standing in front of a wall with a bloody lip, and a really sore face. I had somehow walked straight into the wall at full speed. My husband somehow slept through all the ruckus.

Long story short, I didn't sleep well. I'm dealing with a fat lip, and greasy hair. (I opted to lay on the couch and mope instead of take a much needed shower.)

Also, did I mention I had McDonald's for breakfast?
Feel bad for me.


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