Friday, April 11, 2014

extra cheese, please

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I discovered this draft the other day that I had written back when I was pregnant.

I'm not usually one for froofy love posts… but this made me happy.
Bring on the cheese. (really though. for those of you who love cheesy things that aren't related to food, this may be your cup of tea that isn't really a beverage.)

My cute cute husband has been so good to me. (From the moment we became actual friends, at least.) Since we found out I was pregnant, I have been especially spoiled. This man does the dishes when it's my turn. He cooks dinner when I come home from work too tired (after he has finished a 12 hour work & school day).

Today he said something strangely cute.

He told me he had a dream where he was given an ultimatum. He was married [to me], but had the opportunity to be with his dream girl if he chose to leave his wife. At this particular moment in his dream, he was with said "Dream Girl", and liked her a lot. She was really cool.

I don't think I like this dream. 

He had the idea that this dream girl was who he wanted to be with. Only then, his conscience kicked in and reminded him that he had a wife at home. Reminded that he had other commitments, he had to say goodbye to dream girl. He was sad. She was perfect.

I hate dream girl. Why is he telling me this dream?

It was at that moment in the dream when my husband woke up. He told me that as he woke up, he looked at who was lying next to him. It was me. He smiled.

"Why, was I drooling?" I asked sarcastically.

"No," he replied, "because I woke up and realized the woman I am married to IS dream girl."

Awwwww. What a winner. I think I'll keep him.

(end cheese and froofiness.)
If you're looking for more cheese, go turn on the Hallmark channel.


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