Tuesday, March 11, 2014

lately I've been, I've been losing sleeeeep

and weight. (haters can hate. I hate it too.)

My apologies for being MIA these past few weeks. Not really though. I've been battling a crappy illness, which as soon as I got over, my husband and child both came down with it. Instead of spending my nights hacking out a lung and strengthening my abs, I now spend them cuddling my sweet boys.

Baby J is very sick, but still manages to give the sweetest smiles.

As far as losing weight goes, I'm 99% sure it's just muscle mass. However, it is extremely frustrating when all the clothes that used to accentuate my curves now hang from me like loose bags.

This post was irrelevant and unnecessary. Just a formal announcement that I am not dead and will be returning as soon as our little family is healthy again.


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