Monday, February 17, 2014

Memory Lane Monday : That One Moses Movie

Around Christmas time, Husband & I were in and out of the apartment a lot, visiting family & doing other festive things. We had a lot of opportunity to see the Christmas lights of our fellow neighbors.

One of our neighbors in particular had this pre-lit tree. The fake kind, that usually gets put outside. Most of the time these trees are fun colors, and don't have the tendency burn the retinas of those gazing upon their beauty. Unfortunately for us, we had some crazy neighbors who thought it would be a good idea to buy one of these lit trees that burns a thousand times brighter than the sun.

This tree also happened to be placed right in front of their living room window. I will forever wonder why they thought to put it there. Not only because it would be terrible to live in a house forever lit up by the blinding tree, but also because the window gave off a reflection just as bad as the tree itself.

Every time we drove past that tree, I couldn't help but think, This reminds me of something. I know I've seen something similar to this tree. I could never pinpoint exactly what that something was.

Then one fateful day in January, our neighbors still hadn't turned off their Christmas lights... or their brightly beaming, retina-burning, white tree. We were pulling into our driveway, and suddenly it hit me.

The burning bush.

I looked at the tree. Yes! That's it! 

"Husband!!" I exclaimed, "I figured it out!! It's the burning bush!!!"

"What? What are you talking about?"

"The tree! It's the burning bush!!"

Husband was confused. "...What burning bush?"

I threw my hands up and gave him a how could you NOT know what the burning bush is look. (This look can be compared to any young child when they are talking to you about something that you should be very aware of, and they can't believe you're stupid enough NOT to know.)

"You know! The burning bush? From that one Moses movie?" I looked at him expectantly.

"..." He sat there.

"...You mean, The Bible?"

You kind of had to be there.


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