Saturday, November 23, 2013

turkey time

"I liiiiiiiiiive!"

[Mulan, anyone? Anyone? ...Bueller?]

Blogging is hard work. Mainly because it's not something I particularly enjoy doing on my phone, and I refuse to try to type on a laptop whilst breastfeeding. As a result, my home life revolves around pinterest, instagram, poopy diapers and getting milked. Oh, and the occasional Netflix. [I'm up for any and all suggestions of shows to watch.]

That being said, I am trying to make more of an effort to blog. Buuut I have a slight problem

I really have nothing to say.

The good news is, it's November! Turkey time. Which means I can dedicate a whole post to thankfulness, and eat a whole turkey at the same time. [And by turkey I mean a block of cheese. I'm healthy.]

Before everyone judges me for my thankful list - let me explain what kind of a list this is.
This is my thankful list of things that shouldn't be so obvious. Obvious items that will not be on this list include but are not limited to: family, shelter, education, food. I also anticipate it being quite short.

That being said, it's been quite the adventure digging deep into the corners of my brain to think about what I am truly thankful for.

- I am so thankful for farmers. The kind of farmers that milk cows. I feel like I have this connection with momma cows, because I too know the horror that is experienced when my udders [boobs] are going to explode. You know, from being full and stuff.
- I'm thankful for a certain man named Dr. Schenfeld. He was the only person out of dozens who was able to intubate my child and save his life.
- I am thankful for grocery stores. Some women enjoy perusing the mall, I enjoy browsing isles of food. Really though. A trip to the grocery store can fix almost any bad day.
- I am thankful for people who have names like Dusk Highpower. (true story) It makes work a little more bearable when my coworkers and I can place bets on whether or not he is a porn star (inappropriate). It also makes me feel better about having the last name Cox.
- I am thankful for the feature on my phone where if I push the space-bar twice, it automatically inserts a period for me. I have already used the backspace button on this post more than I care to admit because my laptop has no such feature. WTF.
- I am thankful for Tom Hanks. I don't need to explain myself on that one.
- I am thankful for the fact that although I am the worst blogger to ever exist, I still somehow have people who read this thing.

Thank YOU for reading my blog. (Even if you don't like it.) I sometimes feel like the only viewers I have are family and friends who feel obligated. It always brings a smile to my face to hear that someone out there appreciates a word or two of what I have to say.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!
Make your own not-so-obvious list.
Who knows, you might just realize how thankful you are for farmers.

Also, enjoy this. I'm thankful for him, too.
(Can you believe he's almost 2 months?!)