Friday, July 26, 2013

imperfectly perfect

The relationship I have with my husband is (and always has been) far from perfect. I mean... it started out as pure hatred from both parties. Sure, that idea has potential to lead to the world's most romantic love story...

But even Nicholas Sparks couldn't twist our story into something people would want to watch in a film. Or read in a book. (Or on a blog, for that matter.)

Also, I have a wet spot the size of a small watermelon on my shirt in front of my left breast. I also have a towel between myself and this shirt. WTF.

I like to believe that my husband is one hundred percent perfect for me.
I like to believe we have a perfect relationship.
Does that mean he as a person is perfect? (um, he has back hair)
Does that mean we live in a Disney movie? (he's still got years of school left, we don't live in a castle and not once has a single bird or bunny rabbit helped me clean the apartment.)

Sometimes I forget to shave my armpits.
Other times, he is mean and makes me kill spiders myself.
We frequently avoid doing dishes to see who will cave first.
He has left the toilet seat up a few times.
I have forgotten to spray febreeze after particular bathroom visits.

Life happens.

My point is, I'm happy for every couple out there who is living the fairy tale dream. I just have a hard time believing that everything is always as picture perfect as these couples make it seem. And that's okay. To each their own.

Flawless relationships don't exist. You are not God, and neither is your spouse. Movie moments can happen in real life, but your whole life is not going to be one movie moment after another. Road blocks are placed, curve balls are thrown, and sometimes there is simply not enough sugar to sweeten the lemonade you tried to make with all the lemons life gave you. And sometimes the natural man gets the better of us.

Somewhere in this jumble of life, chances are you will probably run into some differences and difficulties with your significant other. It isn't the end of the world. In fact, it is those exact things that can make a relationship so perfect in all of its imperfections.

Remember how Cinderella had to wear glass slippers? I bet they don't tell you how bad her feet hurt the next day.

Imagine the morning breath Sleeping Beauty must have had. I bet Prince Phillip loved that.

This post is not to say that your relationship and marriage isn't perfect. My marriage is full of imperfections. But like I said before, it is those imperfections that make it so perfect. Sometimes people just need the reminder that life isn't a constant fairy-tale, and that's okay.

Embrace it.
Then go have a hot hot make out session with your significant other.