Thursday, June 13, 2013

oops, I did it again.

and I don't even feel bad about it.

People are weird. We do weird things. 

I feed myself lunch by stealing two or three samples from each table at Costco. I really hate the days they are only sampling popcorn, yogurt, and gummy bears. Then I have to actually go home and feed myself. (Stay away on Tuesdays. They tend to be skimpier on the amount of employees they send to hand out food. Those are also the popcorn yogurt days.)

Sometimes when I'm at work, I run into situations with patient's where I need to call the doctors office. (I do scheduling and registration for offices in California.) Sometimes when that happens, I'm so tired that I accidentally call the number on the patient's chart and end up getting them (again) or another family member. 

On a bad day at work, if I have to pee, I only let half of it out. That way... I have the excuse to leave in another half hour when my bladder is full again, and nobody questions me because I'm pregnant. 

I am flawed. So very, very flawed.
But really.. who isn't?