Monday, June 3, 2013


a whole nother
should of
taking things for granite
defiantly agree
let me ax you a question [i do understand most people don't type this. that doesn't make it okay to say it out loud.]

and, one of my favorites;
He wanted to be apart of the program.

SPACE. Utilize. The. Spacebar.

Those phrases don't even make sense.
[I'm an angry pregnant lady, apparently. Rant about english #2, welcome to the blog.]

If you are paying money to go to school, you should probably show your professors a little bit of respect when posting things on your blog/facebook/whatever. Decent grammar should not go out the window the second you leave the classroom.

If you aren't in school, that's okay. I'm not either. It's JUNE. Cut me some slack. Either way, use your brain while typing.

If you are going to keep a public blog and have thousands of followers (yes, I saw one of these mistakes on one of the internet's "top 10 blogs"), then you need to double and triple check your posts before letting angry pregnant women see you make terrible mistakes. Being a full time blogger is no excuse for bad english.

I'm not perfect. I make typing errors all the time.
But I don't have a thousand followers.

And I'm pregnant. [i play this card way too often.]


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