Tuesday, May 7, 2013

as paredes para chão!

I had my portuguese final this week.

I couldn't remember the words for "walls" or "floor".

My husband started stomping, clapping, and rap singing. I didn't understand what he was doing, and figured it was a brazilian jingle I was unfamiliar with.

"Come on! You know this!"

I listened again and again.

The walls to the floor!

"No, no I am almost positive I don't know 'this', whatever it is you're trying to teach me."

I repeated him anyway, hoping the beat would stick and help me remember.

"Allie. You know this song. It's english."
He began singing.
"From the windows…! oh, wait. Dangit. That doesn't work."

Get Low by Lil Jon started playing in my mind.

That little performance/jig husband was doing was his portuguese version of Lil Jon. The hilarity of it struck me and I could not get a grip. The longer I thought about it the funnier it became.

I love my portuguese Lil Jon, even if he can't properly translate in my time of need.
However, because of the image of him trying to be a rapper and singing in portuguese is forever burned into my brain, I remembered the words for my final.



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