Monday, March 18, 2013

oh, snap

What would you categorize a 10/11 year old kid? A preteen? I can't decide. We'll just refer to them as Awkwards.

I am in charge of controlling the ever so dramatic Awkwards in primary. (for those of you who didn't catch on, that means I teach the 10 and 11 year olds. and 12 year olds, for that matter.)

Our group of primary kids is so small, we have a total of four teachers. Most classes have 4-6 kids, depending on the Sunday. My class averages about 9-13. I tell you this to give you an idea of how many prepubescent kids I am trapped in a small room with once a week. That being said, sometimes things get a little crazy.

Also, for this next bit of information, it might help you to know that a few of the girls in my class have developed quite early in life. What should be a mosquito bite is currently quite comparable to an orange, if you know what I'm sayin'. 

We had visitors on Sunday. Adult visitors. An older woman (maybe 60) was in charge of the songs. She turned to my class and pointed in our general direction. Looking at me, she said, "Is your teacher not here today? Where is the teacher for this class?" 

Really? Really?

I raised my hand. "Umm, that would be me."

My kids had a hay day. 

However, this post was inspired by an even better story. One that happened a few weeks ago, and brought tears to my eyes. Tears of pure entertainment. 

So there we were, in singing time. Me and my giant class. 

Each week I have to tell a certain boy and certain girl to stop flirting with each other.

Naturally, my focus was geared toward the two love birds (they don't love each other) to make sure they weren't irreverent. A boy sitting two seats down had asked to borrow a pencil, so I gave him one and didn't think twice about it.

A few minutes later I hear whispers. One of my girls turns around, her face bright red, and asks to go to the bathroom. Confused, I say yes, and she sprints out of the room. 

"Oh my gosh!! I would DIE!!" I hear from a girl sitting to the right of me.
Learning a note was passed between a boy named H to a girl named S, I decided to go scope out the damage that had been done.  

I go out in the hall and wait for S to leave the bathroom.
"Everything okay??"
She hands me a note.

what would you do if i told you i liked you?

I suppressed a smile. Awkwards. What a great stage in the romantics of life.
"Are you okay?"
"Do you like him?" Quite possibly an inappropriate course of action for me to take, but I had to know.
"I don't know!!! That's why I went to the bathroom!!"

I failed to hide my amusement. 

Awkwards are way too much fun.


  1. haha als i am the activity days leader for the awkwards. i totally appreciate this.

  2. So... kinda weird (not kinda), but I really like your blog. It feels creepy that I read it since we're not really friends (the shame on my face now says it all). But anyway, I think you're great. And I can relate to this because just the other day at the doctor's office, the doctor came into my room for the second time and says "Are you married?" all accusingly (dumb story without the context). Apparently I look 12 too.

  3. we teach the seven years old. its hell. i know how you feel. also last night I had to show my ID when i went to see a rated R movie. I look little too. mormon problems. well, for me its a sinner of a mormon problem seeing how i went to see a rated R movie.