Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I'm a JT enthusiast.
I was a wee child with an 'NSYNC lover for an older sister.
I'm 99% sure she was a JT lover then. I had a thing for JC. Nobody remembers him, it's fine.

I was raised with a love for JT from the get go.
Always loved him. Always thought his albums were ahead of our time.

I listen back to FutureSex/LoveSounds, and think that if it were coming out now, it would still be on the top of the charts. Maybe I'm just a freak who can't get over the days of boy bands. That'd be fine, too.

I loved every second of this. ^^

If it wouldn't cost my firstborn child, I'd probably consider seeing him in concert.

If you like JT, go give his new album (if you haven't already) a little listen. If you aren't ready for the future, stick to Mirrors. I, however, will dive right in to 2020. Meaning the year. But 20/20 is also the name of the album.

I see what he did there.


  1. Always great music taste my little PREGO niece-mine!