Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm unpopular.

Today is our 1 year anniversary.

Since we have a joint account, our birthday is our anniversary. You know.. because that was the birth of our marriage.

We are getting a lot of facebook birthday wishes.
That's a lie.
HUSBAND is getting all the birthday wishes.

"Happy birthday, Husband!" Nobody has wished a happy birthday to someone named Husband. But you get the idea.
"Feliz aniversario, marido!" That doesn't say happy anniversary.

I understand the brazilian's mistake. They don't really know us.
Apparently neither do the other half of our facebook friends.
I also don't understand why they don't think it's my birthday.

If they are going to mess up, they might as well do it right.

Meh. Can't win 'em all.

But I did win! One time.
A year ago.

And I'm still winning now. :)


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