Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oh, hi. I'm eighty years old.

Day to day I experience things that make me feel 80.

Just barely I clicked on "view blog" three times. Each time I was trying to get to the page that lets me write a new post, and was really upset about the fact that I kept ending up on my own blog. Whatever. Technology is for hooligans. 

Being religious is hilarious.

During testimony meeting: 8 year old.
"My dad was supposed to come to church today because it's his day off but he's not here and its his fault but its my mom's fault too. He bought her shampoo of what he's allergic to. MINT. So that was his fault. But then my mom used it and he threw up. Her fault."

During the primary prayer: 6 year old.
"And please bless us that we won't crash into other people. And please bless other people that they wont drive so slow that sometimes you can't stop sliding and you bump into them with your car and they act like they don't notice but you know they do."

During singing time:
Two 6 year old boys were misbehaving. I was asked to go handle it.

Me - Hey, boys.. can you help us sing?
Boy (holds up hand)- Listen. I'm not a singing kind of guy.
Me - Well, okay. 

Owned by a child. Like a boss. 
(Or an eighty year old.)


  1. Anonymous2/04/2013

    haha my husband and I teach the 10 year old sunday school class & they have us laughing every sunday. It's so great.