Monday, February 18, 2013

dream dream dream

Sometimes we dream about Beyonce doing a free concert at WinCo. And sometimes, everyone decides to leave that concert and make miss B upset. Then she comes to her only fan left standing (me), and says she is tired of people from Utah leaving her concerts. (Well, maybe you shouldn't hold them in WinCo.)

Occasionally, after casually cat fighting with big B, a male celebrity (who, for the sake of my own humiliation, shall remain unnamed) comes and picks you up to hang out with other celebrities. During the car ride, unnamed celebrity states you remind him of a card he just gave a friend. He tells you the front of the card was of a dog in lingerie.

This just got wildly inappropriate awkward.
I should stop dreaming about celebs.
I can't handle breaking up with B and being compared to a dirty mistress dog.


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