Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm not overreacting...

I'm just reacting more than I need to.

I feel completely justified.
Did you know dish soap freezes? Well, it does. And did you know it takes FOREVER to get it to a temperature warm enough to get it out of the oil-holder. Whose idea was this? Conformity makes me sick. I gave in to Martha Stewart & Paula Deen's peer pressure, and look where it got me.


It got me here. With a half-frozen bottle of dish soap. 
Ask me how I feel about it.
My feelings could be put into a song that goes a little something like this.

I don't feel like I am overreacting one bit.

Now, excuse me while I go shatter all the oil bottles to ever exist.
I refuse to believe the weather and the fact that we live in a basement has anything to do with it.


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