Sunday, January 27, 2013


Because finding dead fish on the grass is normal in Russia…

Fear not! If you're not a lover of seafood, I have great news. This post has absolutely nothing to do with eating fish. It has nothing to do with fish at all, really. 

Do I have any fans of Mumford & Sons here? What about Simon and Garfunkel?
If you answered yes to either of those, listen here

Any bad feelings I have for the snowstorm have gone away, and it is all thanks to this song. 
For fish haters, I'm sorry for bringing fish into this. It was unnecessary. 

But, I have 2 things to say.
1 - There are two kinds of make up wear-ers. Those of you who wear however much makeup you prefer and look grand. And those of you who didn't get the memo that any sort of makeup (with the exception of samples) is made with the intent that the user will applicate it in such a way it will last more than once. In case you didn't catch that, there are make up artists, and there are cake faces.
2 - Don't be a cake face. 


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