Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Did you know...

99 percent of blogs have either a religious, or newlywed focus? 

(I made that up. But it's probably true.)

I am sorry for being a newlywed. 
(Not really. It's great.)

But listen. 

I made a new years resolution. A few, actually.

My first new years resolution is to go to bed. Right. Now.
I'm setting myself up for failure.

Not that these are resolutions, but I also want to inherit a million dollars & get fake boobs.
The last three words of that sentence were completely unnecessary and untrue. My apologies for being so vulgar. 

I also apologize for being so obsessed with boobs. (I swear I'm not. My family/husband/society beg to differ.) 

Honestly, I did make some goals. I also recently found out what the word gaol was. Apparently those old-english authors weren't misspelling 'goals'. Who knew? Also, I am twenty years old and just figuring that out. Help.

I want to make a music video. 
I have been begging my husband to do this for as long as I can remember. 

It is my goal to put him in music video gaol. (See what I did there? Feel bad for me. I'm pathetic.)

But seriously. 
Cox music vid 2013- coming your way! 


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