Monday, January 14, 2013

because we are immature..

Meet lovely Taylor Price. She was my surrogate boyfriend while I was in Russia.
We had good times.

This post is for her.

The hilariously bad english on our hilariously ghetto cell phone.

The fact that every russian woman to ever exist was getting married in St. Petersburg.

The first attractive man we saw. (On the right, of course.)

Planking fail in front of a famous historical building.

Missionary gummies.

The melon stand we passed on our way home every single day.

The weird pizza place in St. Pete's.

The girl with no shirt and a pet bunny that was severely malnourished and mistreated.

Our obsession with candy.

These bathrooms.

This food.

This view.

This hilariously designed cereal.

This cute hair style that didn't give off the unicorn impression I was going for.

Hahahahahahahaha. This infectious mystery.

This view.

Oreos and peanut butter, and the cutting of my dead hair.

Child slave labor. She will never rake all of those leaves.

Trying to look candid. It worked well.

Bifu Bams. Only Taylor will appreciate this, and how many bad feelings I still have toward it.

My inside out pants. This terribly long bus ride. And getting woken up at 3AM to cross the border.

Sweden is a lovely place.

Finding creative ways to sneak food onto the ship that really didn't care if you brought food on or not.

Sweden at 3PM.

One of the few pictures that accurately displays how truly cold it was. 

Enduring the snow, and singing in front of strangers passing by.


  1. I can't deny it, Lauren's butt and my butt are AWESOME views...but really. This was a great post, I love those pictures. I love Russia. I love you.