Wednesday, December 12, 2012

stop it

I should be studying for my last final of the semester (HOORAY). But instead I am stalking & hating on blogs.

I really need to stop it.

I'm eating candy instead of lunch. Stop it.
I'm blogging instead of studying. Stop it.
I don't get ready in the morning so I have more time to sleep in. Stop it.

However, I am not the only one who needs to stop it. 
People will get offended, but really I don't care. 

1. Girls who obsess over missionaries over social networking: STOP IT.
Obsessing on your own and to your friends is fine. Even a blog post, status, tweet or two is fine. If this is occurring daily, it's not fine. If you have a blog dedicated to being a "missionary girlfriend", it's definitely not fine. 
2.Excessive shoppers/fast food buyers: STOP IT.
This isn't me speaking, it's your bank account. And your health. Try a budget for a week, and stick to it.  Eat something that won't make your digestive system weep.
3. To those of you who think weight loss is everything: STOP IT.
Weight loss is not everything unless your very life depends on it. Also, muscle weighs more than fat. Think about it. If you have the desire to lose weight, that's fine. Unless you have a big goal that everyone is cheering you on for, nobody wants to hear about it. 135 down to 120. Cool. 135 was small in the first place. Thanks for making fat people everywhere feel like crap.
4. To those of you who have given up: STOP IT.
That is me. When the going gets tough, I quit. Giving up gets you nowhere. Sure, it's the easier thing to do, but you end up hurting yourself more when you don't try. It is better to try and to fail, then never to try at all. Probably. Next time you want to give up, don't. See what happens.
5. To "BEST FRIENDS" everywhere: STOP IT.
We aren't best friends. 
6. Kids who say they "hate their parents": STOP IT.
Unless they physically abuse you, torture you, or do something actually worth hating them for, you have no reason to hate them. They took away your cell phone because you failed a class? Grounded you for the weekend because you broke curfew? Made you come home early because your room was messy? Get over it. Grow up, and take a look at the big picture. Chances are, they are only trying to help.
7. Pinteresters who use mason jars for everything: STOP IT.
Seriously. Just stop. 
8. Unnecessary facebook frienders: STOP IT.
Why did you add me? We don't talk. So we went to the same high school. We didn't talk then either. We aren't friends, and I don't really feel like letting you stalk me. Also, stop accepting friend requests from people you don't know. It's creepy.

I could go on, but I probably just lost all of my friends.
For those of you who just judged me: STOP IT.


  1. you're a dork. and i love it! don't stop blogging. i creep on it all the time :) herper....

  2. offensive blogs are my favorite blogs.

  3. You make me laugh too much and are too good at distracting me from studying.
    Stop it.

    But don't.