Sunday, October 21, 2012


it's been awhile.
I didn't make all of these up. just some.
But these are relatable truths.

When someone asks me for a piece of candy, I give them the flavor I don't like.
Losing your cellphone in a blanket, and throwing or shaking the blanket until it falls out.
I will put my iPod on shuffle, and skip through a hundred songs until I find the one I wanted to listen to.
Sometimes I use a hair straightener to iron my clothes because I'm lazy.
That one person in gym class/at the gym who thinks they are in the olympics.
I accidentally answer when someone walking by says, "hey, how's it goin?"
Sometimes I do things I don't like to get out of doing something I really don't like.
I only check my voicemail to get rid of the stupid icon on my screen.
I pretend to be asleep when someone walks into the room. Even if I really did want to see them.
It takes me approximately 6 months to get used to writing the correct date after the start of a new year.
I never know what to do when people sing "happy birthday" to me.
When I say I won't tell anyone, my best friend/husband doesn't count.
You love him, we get it. You don't need to tell us on every facebook status ever.
When I take a multiple choice test, if there are too many of the same letter in the row, I am convinced one of them must be wrong.
Yelling at the main characters in horror movies as if they can actually hear.
The moment when someone takes something that you have mentally claimed.
When I was single, the rule was anyone was automatically more attractive if they were funny.

My husband was already attractive.
Then I found out he was hilarious.