Sunday, August 26, 2012

well said, Ben Folds.


Really, it's just the chorus that applies to this story.

My husband & I were on our way home to make popcorn, drink ginger beer, and watch The Hunger Games. Upon leaving his parent's house, we became aware of the emptiness of the gas tank. We took a little detour to Murray's local Holiday gas station to fill up.

Being the passenger (along with the fact that I was having an ugly day), I stayed in the car while husband managed the gas pump. Growing up in Murray, I am very accustomed to running into people I recognize every time I visit Smith's & Fresh Market. It's also quite common to see people you know at a gas station. Usually, a simple wave or nod of the head would suffice.

"Look who it is!!", said an unfamiliar voice that belonged to Strange Man.

My husband greeted this stranger with enthusiasm as if they were best friends in high school. I turned around to get a glimpse of who it was. I wasn't familiar with the voice. I especially wasn't familiar with the face.

Who the heck is that guy? Why are they spending five minutes catching up? Must be a childhood friend. 

Not but thirty seconds later, an actual familiar face pulled up. 'Twas another Murray incest couple.

[Quick interjection. For those of you who are not acquainted with the term "Murray incest", let me explain. Murray is not the largest of cities. We have our own school district, which consists of one high school. Unless someone new moves into town, the faces tend to stay the same. Girls tend to date guys who also go to Murray High School, and vice versa. Many times, a couple will get married… where both parties involved are born and raised Murray-ites. Maybe that isn't uncommon where you are from, but I really feel like it happens here more than it should. I am a first-hand offender. Murray incestee, if you will.]

Back to the story, the man in said couple was a good friend of my husband in high school. I got out of the car. I said hi to the couple, and met Strange Man, who seemed to be sticking around for an unnecessarily long amount of time. He, too, was excited to see this couple.

After "catching up" for a bit, we decided it was time to wind things up and go home. My husband needed his ginger beer fix.

As we were leaving, the strange man hurried over to my husband.

"Wait!" he exclaimed, "I need to get y'alls number so I can send you an invite!!" (He's engaged, by the way.)

Y'all? Who ARE you?

Husband proceeded to give Strange Man his number.

"Great! So, how do you spell your last name?"

What? I refuse to believe he is being serious. I thought they were friends.

"No problem. Cox. C-O-X." Whew, that was tough.

"…cool. How do you spell your first name?"

HAHAHAHAHA. This bozo has no idea what my husband's name is. How do they know each other again?

"Yeah, Husband. H-U-S-B-A-N-D." (Obviously that isn't his real name.)

"Thanks, man. You know, speaking two languages makes it hard to spell things. I can't spell anything anymore because I'm always thinking in Spanish."

Yeah, right. 

We got in the car and I turned to my husband. "He has absolutely no idea who you are."

"I'm not even offended. I hated that kid in high school. I honestly don't know why he just said hi."

"Strange Man…" I said, "I'm not even familiar with that name. I have never even heard of him. Are you sure he went to Murray?"

Turns out, the kid went to Murray. He knew my brother. When I had told him who my brother was, he took a step back and looked shocked. "Oh my gosh!! I see it! You guys have the exact same nose!!"

Same nose? Uh-huh.
We don't.

What do YOU think?

I know, I'm washed out. I know.