Saturday, August 18, 2012

Impulsive wanter

Apparently I am two years old.

While spending time with my nephew this week, I observed something. He wants to take part of anything he sees other people enjoying.

The husband took some ice out of the cooler to rub on his eye rashes.

"I want ice. I want ice."

So we gave Zac ice.
He started to rub it on his face, only to discover it wasn't all that great. 

Next he wanted honey on his granola. He never eats honey on his granola. But Dylan did, so Zac needed it.

Yesterday we went to the mariners game. Someone was there with Asian exchange students. Upon seeing them, my toddler-like behavior kicked in. I want that. I told my husband I wanted to host a foreign Exchange student. Then I told him I would like to separate my rings so I can wear them individually. (Since that had everything to do with asians…?)

He just laughed at me.

I thought he wasn't taking me seriously because of the whole impulsive want thing...
But now I'm pretty sure it was because of the asians. It's hard to take asians seriously.