Thursday, August 2, 2012

Because we can can can!

Confused by this title? See here.
If you haven't caught on within the first 2 seconds of the song, you're fired.

In an attempt to get myself in the habit of giving this blog the care it needs, I am doing a little something called the 30 days of blogging. With a twist. I'm making up my own 30 topics, hoping that it will give me motivation to write, since I came up with the topics myself.

Also, I lied.
There will only be 29 days & topics.


Here's the daily list. (In case you only want to read specific ones, you'll know what day to tune in.)

August 2 :: A few facts about me.
August 3 :: The true story of how Taylor & I got engaged.
August 4 :: Biggest pet peeve.
August 5 :: Impulsive want of the day.
August 6 :: A day of photos only.
August 7 :: Newlywed story #1
August 8 :: Day job VS what I wish I was doing every day.
August 9 :: Why I went to Russia.
August 10 :: Ten years from now…
- Start of Seattle trip. Get Out of Jail Free for a week.
August 11 :: Things I'm actually pretty good at.
August 12 :: 2 truths and a lie.
August 13 :: What kind of pet I would like.
August 14 :: Quote of the day.
August 15 :: A celebratory 5 month mushy gushy post.
August 16 :: Biggest fear.
August 17 :: Favorite thing about being married.
August 18 :: Newlywed story #2
- End of trip.
August 19 :: What keeps me going day to day.
August 20 :: Best advice I've ever received.
August 21 :: A picture (or two) of something that makes me happy.
August 22 :: Favorite quote or scripture.
August 23 :: Short bucket list.
August 24 :: One thing that grosses me out beyond all belief.
August 25 :: Newlywed story #3
August 26 :: Dedication to my nieces.
August 27 :: A photo that makes me laugh.
August 28 :: A fond memory.
August 29 :: Travel destination list.
August 30 :: Recommendations.

I'm Allie.

I listen to Christmas music year round.
My breakfast usually consists of pop tarts and cookies.
I am an avid American Idol watcher. No shame.
I activated my twitter account just to follow someone by the name of Phillip Phillips.
I recommend just watching him on youtube.
One of my favorite things consists of driving in the car with my husband and singing "Go the Distance" by Michael Bolton out of tune at the top of our lungs.
I believe I have lost my sense of humor with age.
I love to eat cheese. [Tillamook, to be exact]

That is all. For now.


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