Thursday, August 23, 2012

a very merry christmas

I listen to christmas music year round.

I also bake ginger bread cookies in August.

Being married makes me feel more obligated to give Christmas gifts to all neighbors, friends, and people who look like they could use a shower + a present.

I'm not talking new barbie dolls and toy cars kind of gifts. I mean the home maker kind. The mormon kind. The, "Merry Christmas! Here's a loaf of home made zucchini bread and the recipe for my great great grandmothers favorite fruit cake!" kind of Christmas gifts. Not that those are bad gifts by any means. Perhaps you're one who likes fruit cake.

I, on the other hand… don't care for fruit cake. And I classify zucchini bread as a "we had a plentiful garden this year… so plentiful we are making bread out of anything it grows" kind of gift. I enjoy the taste, and I enjoy the gesture of someone giving out home-made gifts. But similar to movies (with the exception of LOTR [nerd alert]) after awhile, zucchini bread loses its excitement. 

So this year, I've decided to show off my newfound domesticity. If you want to taste my killer home made hot fudge, or try out this [currently being tested] home made gingerbread mix, be my friend. Or look homeless. Both parties will be receiving gifts. 

If you don't like hot fudge or gingerbread, be my friend anyway. 
I don't always bite.