Thursday, February 19, 2015


Toddlers are hilarious. And fun. I decided to look at the hilarious side of this new phase J is going through, instead of ripping all my hair out.

Someone (ahem, GRANDMA COX) taught J the phrase, "Uh-oh". Somehow he picked up the idea that you only say, "uh-oh" when something has fallen, dropped, or broken.

He loves to say "Uh-oh". So naturally, he will do anything to merit saying that phrase.

Let me give you an idea of what our days have become. (please note, not all of this always happens in one day. I mean, sometimes all of this happens in one day. but not always. probably 80% of the time. Also we are leaving out tantrums and biting because otherwise this post would be 1238164x longer.)

  9:30AM // takes his very full diaper off and hits mom in the face. "Uh-oh."
10:00AM // chews up 1/3 large banana and spits it in the carpet. Steps on it. Digs through it with his fingers. rubs it on the couch. "Uh-oh."
10:03AM // mom is cleaning the couch and carpet. "Uh-oh." from the bathroom.
10:04AM // mom runs into the bathroom to find a handful of pads thrown in the toilet.
11:15AM // J is given a juice box and hot dog for snack.
11:17AM // straw is taken out of juice box and box is squeezed to death, resulting in niagara falls of apple juice. "Uh-oh." Juice box is promptly thrown away.
11:18AM // while mom wipes up the floor, J digs through garbage can and grabs the juice box. Apparently its not empty, and now there is another huge puddle on the floor. "Uh-oh."
11:30AM // mom & J hop in the shower. all the soap/shampoo bottles are thrown across the bathroom. "Uh-oh".
11:32AM // while rinsing out hair, the water suddenly turns ice cold. mom yelps. "Uh-oh."
11:32AM // mom holds J under the ice cold water so he can feel the pain of what he has done.
12:04PM // J climbs up on the couch and tips over the floor lamp. "Uh-oh."
12:05PM // Nap time.
12:06PM // Bliss.


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