Wednesday, September 24, 2014

wednesday confessions

> I think about bread on an hourly basis. (I literally just ate four rolls while typing that. Either I type embarrassingly slow, or I ate an obscene amount of bread in a really short period of time. I'll let you decide.) Really what I'm trying to say is if you want to be my friend, bring me bread. Good bread. If you want to be my enemy, drop off some of that fake crap. See what happens.

Dear everyone who has the same mindset of Ramona Flowers, GO HOME.
I don't need that kind of honesty negativity in my life.
> Remember the time I said I was refinishing a table? I don't think I've even touched it since then. The good news is, we got rid of our card table & folding chairs. Thanks to Husband's brother, we now have a table we can cut our meat on without feeling like we are experiencing an earthquake simulation. 

> My son turns one tomorrow. I don't feel bad admitting that I don't have a themed party planned. Really I don't even have a party planned. People are just coming over to eat food and cupcakes that weren't made by me. He is getting a smash-cake only because my amazing cousin volunteered to make him one. There probably won't be cute decorations. Or any decorations, for that matter. We also only got him one actual gift. (He has two, but the other is a coat that he desperately needed that I found on sale & decided it would be a good idea to make it look like we care about our child by giving him TWO gifts.) I mean... I love my son. But I'm not going to drop time and money on decorations & presents until he gives me a solid 10 hours of sleep. This is a two way street, bud. 

> I decided my life doesn't need to be a pinterest board. Like, when did that become a thing? I still use pinterest like a crack addict uses ...crack. But I'm not going to let it dictate how I decorate my home and plan my parties. I mean, I honestly didn't know what shabby chic, nautical, or vintage meant until pinterest came around. Sue me.

> If you are an avid pinterest-user (meaning you not only pin things, but your house is covered in mason jars, chevron, pallet boards & up-cycled items that really just look like trash you painted) I'm sorry if my previous statement offended you. Go make something.

> For those of you who aren't my friends on other social networks... my son started mimicking the faces I make. This is hilarious.


  1. I love bread! thats why we need to make LOTS of it!
    by the way, lets hangout again soon!