Monday, July 21, 2014

The Disaster Date Saga : The First Time We Didn't Hold Hands

For those of you who have forgotten, I handle myself really well in pretty much any public/social situation. My suave manner tends to improve when that situation revolves around the possibility of some sort of progression in a romantic relationship. Or any relationship, in that matter.

'Twas the night before Arts Fest in 2009. Angels and Demons was premiering at midnight. A boy with a big forehead invited a girl with no social skills to come to the movie with him and his friends.

I'm not proud to admit that I wasn't allowed to go. That is, until I yelled and cried and threw a fit like any normal 17 year-old would do. (I really did, though). My mother gave in and let me go, probably because she was embarrassed to be in the same house as me. 

So, last minute, I texted Husband and told him I could go and to come get me. I was a real lady. Also, it is key to remember I didn't have my license. Or any sign of maturity for my age. I digress.

He and some other friends picked me up and off we went.

Blah blah, bought tickets, blah blah. Fast forward. 

[Oh, and side-note. Husband and I had/have MANY inside jokes. One, of which, had something to do with lip gloss. Or something.]

Naturally, Husband being my only real friend in the group, he did the courteous thing and sat by me. I say courteous because really, who wants to sit by a 17 year-old who threw a tantrum to get her way? Sorry, ma.

Mid-way through the movie, I put on some lip gloss. I put the lid back on, and as I was setting the lip gloss down in my lap, Husband held out his hand. 

I panicked. "What?" I squeaked.

He gave me a look like I should have known what he was asking for, with a half-smile.

The lipgloss! my mind shouted. He wants the lipgloss. You know, because of that inside joke or something. That must be it! Give the boy the lip gloss!

Unsure of what the heck I was actually doing... I slowly placed my lip gloss in his hand, and turned my attention back to the movie. Good work, I told myself, it was definitely the lip gloss he was asking for.

Not a second later, I heard silent laughing. I turned, and husband was laughing uncontrollably, with the lipgloss in one hand, and his head in the other.

He looked at me. "Oh, Allie..."

"What?" I asked innocently. What did I do? Why was this boy laughing at me?

He looked at me and smiled. "Just... you. You're funny."

He returned my lipgloss and gave me a pity pat on the arm.

It took him two years and some-odd months to recover from that incident and actually hold my hand. The good news is, when he finally did hold my hand, I was the best hand-holder there ever was, and so we got married.

at the midnight premier of a different movie.
we held hands at this one. 


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