Monday, May 12, 2014

Memory Lane Monday : Charades with D

Charades With D

The summer after I graduated, a few friends & I decided to spend a few weeks in Belize, helping the locals add on to their one-room school house. We went through a program that was designed to have the school built in three stages. The group I happened to go with was the second of three, and we were making fast progress. In order to give the last group something to work with, they slowed the work by having some of us play with and tutor the local school kids. Something I am so, so happy we did.

One of the little kids I grew to know and love was a boy named D. He was sweet, spunky, and such a character. We got along quite well.

One particular night, a few of us went to D's humble abode for dinner & family home evening. We decided to play a game of charades.

We narrowed the game down to a single category so it would be easier for everyone to guess. The category was "activities". Or things you like to do. 

Turn after turn, each of us acted out things such as dancing, running, swimming, and eating. (Bet you'll never guess who chose to act out eating.) Little D finally guessed right and it was his turn to go. He rubbed his hands together in thought, paused, then smiled.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

D put each of his hands into a fist and put them together, as if he were holding something. He then starting swinging his arms back and forth. It looked exactly like a sport we were all familiar with...

"Golf!!!" everyone shouted.

"Nope!" He continued to do this action.



"...croquet...?" I suggested.

He put his hand over his face, similar to the pose pictured above.

"GUYS!!" he said, "I'm SWEEPING!!"

Oh, but of course! How silly of us. We're acting out our favorite activities... obviously sweeping should have been the first thing on everyone's list.

Golf? Puh-lease.
It's all about the broom, people.


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