Thursday, April 10, 2014

hang loose, bro

Do you ever have days where you are just so excited to get up and going that you skip a major step in getting ready? You know... like putting on deodorant, or brushing your teeth, or like... forgetting a bra.

Yeah that doesn't happen to me either.
But sometimes I am so sleep deprived that those things happen.

This morning, I put on my deodorant. I brushed my teeth. I even put on a necklace (I never wear necklaces...), but somehow I forgot quite possibly one of the most important items in a nursing mother's daily wardrobe.

My bra.

What? How does this even happen? 

Don't ask. I didn't even notice until I had been out of the house for a solid hour. (I also noticed at a time that I will be out of the house for another four hours, so I don't exactly have the opportunity to run home and give these ladies any support.)

Whatevs. Sometimes you just gotta hang loose.