Monday, September 2, 2013

getting married? neither am I.

But I did get married. Once.

Although someone did sign our wedding book "congratulations Husband & Annie", I was never adopted by Daddy Warbucks. We had a specified budget in which we needed to stay, and wedding costs were slowly adding up.

I was stressing about finding a reasonably priced photographer to take our engagement photos. My sister-in-law knew of a local girl who took photos, but didn't know her prices or how good she was. I decided to look her up.

Her name is Jacki Miller.

At the time there were about 2 clients worth of wedding/couple photos that I had to go off of. I loved her prices, so I decided to give it a shot. Our engagements went wild and every Murray couple started asking us who did our photos.

One day I got a text from lady Jacki asking if she could use some of our photos to experiment with invitation designs. Long story short, she designed our invitations for us (for free! sorry ladies, there is a fee now). Those went wild, too. All of a sudden, several friends and other locals started using her services.

I like to take credit for her getting popular, but let's be honest... that all goes to her talent. And her awesome personality (seriously, so easy and fun to work with).

Not convinced yet? Check out some of my favorites.

Goeckeritzs Family

Ellen and Russell (third photo down. can't get enough of it)

Kristina and Grant

Kindall and Erica


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