Sunday, September 8, 2013

childish concerns

Ever have those thoughts when you're budgeting or doing adult things of how you wish you could have the worries of a child? "I wish I was more worried about what kind of imaginary dog is going to pull me on my bike today rather than how I'm going to pay for everything necessary to live."

I think about that quite often.

Apparently, my childhood worries were way off. Either that, or times have changed.

I listened to a little four year old boy say a prayer today. I got a kick out of a few of his "please bless" lines.

"...please bless Jesus. Bless that he will follow the commandments..." Because we are really worried about him keeping his own commandments. Keep that man under control.
"...please bless that we can listen to our grandpas..." Grandmas? Forget it. 
"...please bless that dinner will taste good..." Because last week's dinner was the WORST.

But his very first "please bless" was the one that caught me most off guard.

"Dear Heavenly Father, please bless that we can live with our parents."

Oh, right. Because at five years old, the thing that kept me up at night was the idea that I'd be kicked out of my parent's house. I mean... is this a common concern among children these days? (Must be, because four year-olds don't pray for just anything. I mean really... good tasting dinner is nothing to joke about.)
I guess it's time I get my priorities straight.

living at home > imaginary dogs pulling your bike (and budgeting.)

So... mom & dad, about those extra bedrooms...

Please understand: I found this funny because I am completely aware of this child's situation. He has a mother and father who are happily married to each other, and isn't going through any sort of situation where his parents are being taken away from him. Unbunch your panties and relax.


  1. When I was pregnant my sister told me that my nephew prayed "please bless Jodi (me), bless that she has a baby girl, and bless that she names her Emily. (I named her Stella but he forgave me!)