Sunday, August 4, 2013

my inner feline

I like funny people. My younger sister has a friend who is funny. The kind of funny where I have considered wiring her with a camera & mic so I can enjoy her sense of humor 24-7.

Friends, this is Cami. 
Also, that's me gorging myself on disgusting powdered donuts.

Cami is one of a kind. I bring her up for one particular reason. Because of her, I have discovered my inner feline.


Here's the thing. Growing up I wasn't the most domestic chicken in the coop. I would never have qualified to be mother hen (just ask my room mates). After I got married, I decided to try to make something other than microwaved egg rolls and overcooked ramen noodles. I discovered a love for cooking. Then I discovered that crafting was a pretty fun way to pass time. In short, I discovered domesticity.

I was visiting my family one day and Cami was there. My sister made a comment about how domestic I was becoming. Cami was horrified. Nobody understood why.

"DOMESTIC? Allie... do you even know what a domestic animal is? Your sister pretty much just called you a cat. How can you stand for this?!" 

It took us a while to stop laughing and explain that cats aren't the only things in the world to be considered domestic, and that in my particular case it was a rather positive thing. However, I can never finish a project without thinking of being a domestic cat.

My initial purpose of this post was to show pictures of a few of my latest cooking successes and crafts. I'll do that tomorrow. (this is where you, as the reader, realize you'll probably never see any recent pictures of anything because my computer skills are akin to that of my grandpa, who calls his internet browser "foxfire".)

Also, I feel weird posting "look what I did!" pictures on this blog. This isn't exactly the fashionista/diy/martha stewart/homemaking blog that most girls my age decide to make. Not that there is anything wrong with those. This just isn't one of them. Also, I am not nearly qualified to be posting my successes on the internet. Unless it's my success in creating a child. In which case I will post many [hopefully] cute pictures of my finished product. (Sorry, pervs, no tutorial with this one.)


  1. teach me your inner feline ways.. I suck at being domestic!