Tuesday, June 11, 2013

love story

Sometimes I like to remember specific moments in the timeline of husband & I falling/being in love.
Get to know us better. I'll try to post these a little more often than I normally would.

Just to give you a taste of what our relationship has been...

- (2011) I grabbed my boobs and made an inappropriate joke moments before he proposed.

- (2009) We went on a group date [strictly as friends] and snuck off to an empty pool. I strained my left buttocks trying to climb out and had a slight limp the rest of the night. I got "how's your bum?" texts from him for quite a few days.

- (2011) I missed his homecoming and got sun poisoning/2nd degree sunburn. When we finally saw each other after 2 years, the first thing that was said between us was, "Awkward hug!!" and "Ouch, you're hurting my sunburn!"

- (2008) He invited me to a party, and when I asked for details he uninvited me saying I would probably hate it anyway since I was heartless and hated all things.

- (2012) Before we were married, I went to our new apartment that Husband was living in to write thank you cards for the bridal showers I had had. When I showed up, he was in the shower. He didn't know I was there. When he saw me, he was so shocked he yelled, "GET OUT!!!" I never finished those thank you cards.

- (present) I make it a habit to tell him I love him and a reason why every single night before I go to sleep. I recommend that to anyone who is married.


  1. i figured out how to put your blog on my reading list. oh man i like you guys, and your baby is going to be an amazing kid. i need to see you and your bump.