Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a penny for my thoughts

if you're looking to buy rotten produce, smith's is your place.

i spend my mornings with a woman who has alzheimer's disease. 
(if you call it "all-timers", get an education.)
it's funny how helping someone makes you realize how truly
blessed you are to have a brain that may be far from perfect, but
functions much better than you give it credit for.

my breast-leakage has become less funny day by day.
"it takes a village to raise a child"
well, it only takes two of my breasts to feed a village full of children. (probably)
too far.

in a perfect world, deodorant wouldn't be necessary, 
because nobody would smell bad.
and people would probably still like you even if you did.

i have a problem where in the middle of eating, my
body will suddenly decide to throw up.

i have another problem where i continue eating what 
is left on my plate after i've finished vomiting.

i guess it's kind of like this blog. 
i vomit on here a lot.
but i just keep writing, and vomiting, and writing.
rinse, repeat.


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