Friday, April 5, 2013


(if you don't like books, go away.)

have you ever been sick with the flu while being pregnant?
neither have I.

I did, however, come down with a nasty cold on Sunday night that can be treated by the very few medications I am allowed to take. I still have that cold. Not really a happy camper.

but sometimes little things can make even a bad cold seem a little bit happier.

Like reading a good book.

I am such a book worm. Maybe more of a slug these days, but I don't feel like shape is relevant. Not right now, anyway.
My sweet sister-in-law took me to the library. I decided since I wasn't feeling well and hard projects are coming up in school, I would only check out froofy books to keep things light with a breezy read. It just so happened that my definition of froofy is princesses and fantasy. Always. If this isn't your cup of tea, it's okay to stop reading now.

I read Princess Academy by Shannon Hale and loved it. It was a simple read, and kept me entertained. My little heart pitter-pattered anytime Miri and Peder were together, and much to my liking, I didn't run into the conflict of which boy I would like better; the mountain boy or the prince. (Lately I feel like that is a theme, and sometimes my heart just can't handle the pressure of how devastated I would be if I picked the boy who lost.)

Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris was a different story. Enthralled with the runaway boy who spied on a princess, I was quickly disappointed at how soon the story peaked. Don't get me wrong, it was still the fun, froofy read I was looking for. I just had a few moments where I actually laughed out loud at how ridiculous a few of the scenes looked playing through my mind. "I'm a servant, and I could get killed for talking to you but let me hold you against my chest and breathe in the scent of your hair while you tell me, a boy you met two seconds ago, you wish we could get married." The excitement of their romance happened way too soon for my liking, and the over-the-top cheesy lines from Christian just didn't do it for me. Spoiler alert, oops.

Then, I saw a book that looked like just what I wanted. It had a picture of a pretty girl in a pretty dress, posed in a vogue-like position that I didn't necessarily care for. A little catch phrase at the top of the book spiked my interest.

35 girls. 1 crown. The competition of a lifetime.

I read the title, "The Selection" by Kiera Cass. I enjoyed Princess Academy, and thought that if this was anything comparable, I would most likely find it an agreeable choice.
I read the first chapter.
"Meh, I could get into this."

A bit of time later, I realized it was probably late, and should probably set the book down and go to bed. I was nearly halfway through, and could finish tomorrow. But this was unlike anything I had ever read.

Unlike the usual setting of kings and queens in midieval times, this seemed to have a different feel. I was confused when I first read of telephones and airplanes. What? The future. I was reading a book of futuristic dystopia.

It had a Hunger Games/Matched feel to it, where you are reading from the main character's point of view, who happens to be somewhat of a low-life. However, the main plot of this dystopian world does not revolve around rebellion (for once). It also differed from Princess Academy, in the sense that each girl had the option of whether or not to basically "apply" for the opportunity to date the prince. Bachelor style.

-interjection- I have only one complaint. Main character's name is America.

Much to my dismay, I fell in love with America's first love right from the moment I read about him. He had a crappy name, but that seemed to be a theme, so I was willing to overlook that flaw. I knew she was somehow going to meet the prince. I also knew the author would somehow screw me over into loving the prince too, while creating this world where readers had to pick a team. Still, I kept reading. I would stay neutral and be happy with whoever America gave her heart to.

I didn't stay neutral. It was inevitable. Impossible. I fell more in love with my favorite boy (who will remain unnamed so those of you who decide to read it don't go in with skewed opinions) than I had with Peeta. And I loved Peeta, just ask my husband.

The book ended. I was torn. It left me wanting more. The last line gave me hope.

There was another.

I frantically searched the internet.
My heart sank.

The book hasn't been released yet.

Someone feel bad for me.


  1. Harry Potter.
    Hunger Games.
    All of those books I started before the whole series was finished.
    I totally feel your pain. It is the worst kind of pain.
    On the bright side, it gives you an excuse to read the book again in about a year when the 2nd book does come out. It gets you all giddy again!
    I'll have to read this book. It sounds right up my alley!