Wednesday, April 24, 2013

candy for two, please

I have always been a candy lover.
It's in my blood. (it's not. I'm just obsessive about candy. One day I will dislike what it does to my body.)

I have a few friends at work, who know me solely because I stop by their desk daily to switch treats. I'm not a huge chocolate lover, and everyone else seems to want it. I for some reason always seem to have it, so it comes in handy when I want to make the rounds and haggle for a jolly rancher or two.

I also have a deep love for salt water taffy. (Few flavors).

My supervisor had a giant bowl full of them. I became aware of this bowl when there was about 5 left. I didn't have anything to haggle for the day, and decided maybe I could pull the pregnancy card (I abuse that more than I should) and have a piece or two. When I went over there, my sup was in a meeting.

The supervisor of the other team sits right next to her, and is more than aware of my candy addiction. She is also obsessed with the tiny belly that I have. She must have seen why I came over, because I was instantly showered with candies of all sorts.

"Oh, just one is fine. Really. I can come back when supervisor is back from her meeting."

"It's not for you, dear! It's for the baby! It needs candy too! I'm not letting you leave until you take more."

For some reason, it feels weird having my own pregnancy card pulled on me.

After accepting a few pieces and having my belly rubbed and patted, I headed back to my desk. I felt weird about the candy. Until I ate it.

Then I decided I should let her rub my belly more often.
I really, really love jolly ranchers.


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