Monday, March 4, 2013

yes, I'm THAT girl

The one who made a joint facebook account with her husband, but forgot to delete her old account. oops.

The one who faithfully watches singing shows (minus the voice) and cries over good performances. I also post them on my blog and facebook.

The one that proves men right by saying women are terrible drivers. Back off me, or I will brake-check you.

The one who says she's dating 8,000 different no-name celebrities, even though she's married. Phillip Phillips, James Roday, the likes (since those two are so similar..?).

The one that will skip showering because laying in front of the space heater is way more important. Hygiene took me way too long to figure out how to spell. Embarrassing.

The one who makes daily Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings reference jokes. Nerd alert.

The one that cries at night. That was a lie. I just wanted to be dramatic for a second. Britney wrote a song about me once. NBD.

That last line was really inappropriate. I am probably a pathological liar.
Yes, I'm that girl. The one who lies for attention. (But only when I can link it to a Britney Spears song.)

LOL out loud, guys.
Was that too much TMI?


  1. brake-check*
    I'll forgive you this one time....

  2. I also support men by saying women are bad drivers. It's sadly the truth.