Thursday, March 14, 2013


Here's the thing.

I'm not oblivious to the horrors of the world. It's just that sometimes, I forget. I forget we live in a place where everything is so easily accessible (minus cheap airfare to Brazil, but that is irrelevant). We hear of things like people killing, people dying, children hurtin', women cryin' (black eyed peas, anyone? no? Okay.) and of teenagers buying/selling/using drugs, of men addicted to pornography. Sometimes we (or maybe I'm the only one) forget that women can be addicted to pornography too.

For the record, guys, this post was not inspired by pornography, nor am I or anyone else in my life dealing with any such addiction.

I recently read an article about pornographic novels. Of course I had heard of them before, but it shed a bit of new light on the subject. I found it nearly shocking that a lot of women tend to take the porno-novel route, which apparently makes the sin easier to justify? I don't really get it. And if you don't think pornography is a sin, that's fine. You're wrong.

Anyway. I just got to thinking about it, and maybe it's just me…
But I get flustered when Harry tries to ask Cho to the Yule Ball.
Sometimes that part makes me cry, others, I have to put the book down for a moment to get my flying hormones herded back into their cage because the excitement is too much to handle. (not really, but you get the point)

Doesn't matter.
What matters is, I get so emotionally caught up in a small wizarding crush, I really don't think I could handle much more, let alone a book categorized as a pornographic novel.

But hey, to each their own.
Insert witty comment about Fifty Shades of Grey.
Harry Potter, Fifty Shades, it's all the same.

(it's not. HP for the win. ALWAYS.)


  1. totally agree. with all of it. and i love harry potter, for the record.

  2. HAHAHA this is why i love you!!! totally agree!