Sunday, February 24, 2013

save the pandas

I watched a documentary with husband & his family about saving the pandas.

I have never been too concerned about it, seeing as I don't wear panda fur, I don't eat panda meat, and pandas aren't the ones who make the chinese food taste so good. That being said, these next few lines come from my inner heartless soul.

For those of you who donate money to save pandas (anyone?), I hope you know that your money is being used to make porn.


Turns out, pandas no longer know how to procreate. The money donated is (partially) used to make panda porn. This is used to show the pandas what they should be doing if they want to keep their species alive.

Brother-in-law said if they can't remember how to procreate, that's God's way of saying they are no longer needed. 

Husband and I also cruelly laughed at the fact that millions of dollars were spent on one particular panda teaching it how to survive in the wild. After being released, it died in 10 months, from falling out of a tree. 

I guess they forgot to teach him that little detail. 


  1. I find this extremely offensive and cruel. And also I can't figure out how to actually follow your blog can ya help me out here?