Monday, February 11, 2013

hearts & things

We are learning this song in primary.
The kids were asked to draw pictures to help them remember the words.

The second verse has a line that says, "He gave me my life,  my mind, my heart."
Three kids were chosen to draw 1- a life, 2- a mind, 3- a heart.

Boy one drew a person.
Boy two drew a brain.
Boy three took this heart thing a little too literal.

He was once told his heart is the same size as his fist.
Holding his fist up to the board, he tried over and over to draw an accurate sized human heart of a child. The artists were timed so they wouldn't take too long trying to draw. They had until we were finished singing to finish their drawing.

We got to the second verse, and boy three was on the verge of tears. He couldn't draw the heart he wanted to. His teacher was getting a little irritated that he was "wasting time" when really he just needed to draw a valentine looking heart.

The song came near the end, and boy three was exasperated at his multiple failed attempts. He rushed to get the perfect heart, and walked away with a proud grin. When asked what the arrows were for, he stated because your heart pumps blood. As he said this, he opened and closed his fist. "I traced my fist because I couldn't trace my real heart or I'd die."

This is what our little Picasso came up with:

I still get a kick out of this.


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