Monday, January 21, 2013

dear engagees,

and by that I mean dear those of you who are engaged,

I have a few tips for you.
In hindsight, there are a few things I would have done differently (haha, well.. this completely contradicts my last post.) Hear me out.

Concerning registering:
- Make sure every bowl and plate that you ask for is microwavable. It gets old when your plate gets hotter than your food. It also sucks when your plate explodes, and your food is still cold.
- Don't let your fiance register for candy and soda.
- If you don't have scissors or tape, throw that on the registry. It might save you an extra shopping trip.
- Don't register for Tupperware. Everyone will give it to you anyway.

Concerning the unplanned:
- Sometimes you get a large amount of phlegm in your throat when you are saying the mormon version of "I do." When that happens, you might sound like a dying frog, or a character known as Gollum. Don't sweat it. Your husband knows what your real voice sounds like, and chances are that one mishap wont send him running. (At least it didn't for me.)
- Sometimes your florist orders the wrong flowers and you get a surprise bouquet. That's okay too. Mine was still lovely.
- Sometimes your hair gets dyed red the day before your bridals. That is not okay. Unless of course, that was the plan. (It wasn't the plan.) Don't cry over spilled milk. Crying will make your face ugly for the wedding day, and milk is disgusting anyway.
- Pregnancies. If this happens before the wedding, well… shoot.

Concerning receptions:
- I promise you, people are going to remember what food you had, not what kind of confetti you had to go along with the centerpiece. It's important to decorate to your liking, but don't stress yourself out over things that nobody will remember.
- Lines are awkward. Especially when you only know 1 out of the 8 people that you have to awkwardly greet. Unless one of your parents requests it (or unless you like awkward situations), give yourself and your family a break from standing in the same spot all night. Save your guests the anguish of shaking the maid of honor's hand. (Maybe she's sweet. But it's not her wedding.)
- Do what you want. If people are coming up to you to talk and your husband wants to dance, then dance. Sure, it's rude. But you're the bride/groom. Who cares?

Concerning your other engaged friends:
- Unsolicited advice is a terrible idea.
- Only regift to people you don't really like. It's awkward getting a curly 8-candle holder from friends who got married a few weeks before you. Gee, thanks. I didn't register for this, nor will I have any use for it ever.
- Don't get a mormon couple an ash tray. (Really, people. Who gave us that?)
- Don't compare. She likes her ring and you like yours. That's how it should be. Don't brag. Don't put others down. Let them be excited about their own wedding, and be excited for them.

Just a few things that crossed my mind today.
Have a lovely engagement. :)