Sunday, October 28, 2012


(here's another one.)


I haven't posted.  My life has become a bit drab.  That's a lie.
Haaaave you met Meg? She is better at blogging than I am.
I also seem to find myself saying, "that's a lie" after everything I tell her.
She probably thinks I'm a pathological liar. It's fine.

My life is not drab. It is actually very full of color. And when I say color I mean cooking failures.
Yes, friends. I have hit a wall in my cooking. I cannot do it.
I made brownies that turned to sludge.
I also tried to make cinnamon rolls.
They unraveled while baking. I really feel like it takes talent to get that bad.

I have a newfound love for ugly things. That would explain why I absolutely love him.
I became a mormon wife and started crafting the crap out of everything.
(Really I'm just finishing crafts I bought when I was ten. They are being finished just to be stored away forever and never seen or used again.)
This is my next project:

My husband thought it would be a good idea to sign me up for a Thanksgiving 5k. He obviously doesn't know what he just did. We are doing it as a family, sort of. We've got the brother-in-law and his wife, the other brother-in-law, the father-in-law, the husband and myself. I guess there is some sort of discount if more than 3 people want to be crazy and run for fun. I'm only doing it because it's a charity run. Or so they tell me. 

Upon hearing I was signed up, I made sure it was okay to walk. Husband looked at me and said, "My dad is doing it." Father-in-law has arthritis. I forget what kind. I do know that it's the kind that makes it so he can run about a half-mile before dying. The goal is to beat him. My husband says if he can't beat his own dad he wont even bother coming home; he will just keep running, and won't stop until he is dead. I kind of like my husband, so let's pray that he is healthy enough to cross that finish line before his father. We'd like to keep him around. And by "we" I mean me and the girls, if you catch my drift.

Too far?

I tend to do that.
I also trip over my words a lot. 

I tried telling my mother-in-law I hadn't had much baking success lately. Instead I said,
"Lately we just haven't been having much sex…sex." She laughed.

I was embarrassed.